Sunday 26 March 2023

Aviemore Leylandii - 25th March 2023

Some years ago now I think we were getting complaints from neighbouring dwellings about the height of the dreaded leylandii, which in the most part we dealt at the time.

However some stragglers had a reprieve until yesterday. 

 As reported by John "All fell the right way, nobody got hurt, nothing got broken"  Above our coal loader has many uses - transporting the brash to the coal bench where it was to be burnt, alas the smoke was starting to kipper the Police Station, so maybe the our Shed staff can look forward to a smoking when the usual prevailing winds return!  

Squad of  Andrew, Martin, Ian, taking a break (listening to Plumber Jim's anecdotes) Mike, Angus and Fergus possibly still working at coal bench under tons of brash! 
John took the photos and most of the info. Thanks to all that attended.

Monday 20 March 2023

Boat of Garten Platform re-surfaced - Friday 17th March

Another Strathspey Railway Association funded project comes to fruition. 

  Above shows the scene before our contractor C D McNeill of Dingwall tarred

and looks like they did a good job too! 

Of course there was a flurry of frenzied activity in between above shots! Thanks to Jim Clark, Jim Smith (above) saved the day! 
Thanks to Ian for photos, A full account will no doubt appear in the next edition of the Express members magazine in due course..  

Sunday 12 March 2023

Cess clearance and platform works - 11th March 2023

"Mid" Week squad met at Boat of Garten Station on Friday! Plan A was to do more platform ground preparation work, but as the tarmac contractor hadn't been to advise us what else was required, Georgie as always had a plan B. 

Recently serviced and cleaned North British (diesel) Locomotive fired up, train prepared, stove expertly lit by Angus in London Midland & Scottish Brake Van and off we set towards Aviemore, above view from rapidly increasing warmth of van. 

Over the closed season a good amount of flailing the lineside vegetation has taken place, unfortunately the loose debris gets blown into the cess in the cuttings and becomes a bit of a fire risk, so Georgie got us to load it into wagons, above Simon & Les passing debris up to Georgie, Martin and Angus were armed with loppers and cut round telegraph poles and more! 

Enough coal to last the stove for years was also retrieved, Georgie blaming the Steam Engine crews for not trimming it on the tender - no doubt they will blame rough track!
Anyway by the end of the day most of us had sore backs with all the bending but about 2.5 miles were done seemingly to Georgie's satisfaction.
Thanks to those mentioned above and Mike (not sure if he found any golf balls) 

Ian reports - yesterday David (below), Georgie, Davie Dow and himself got all the edge boards in ready to be pinned and attended to some drains. 

Looking towards Aviemore

Looking towards Broomhill, showing Southern extent of proposed tarmac,
Thanks to all & Ian for photos.

Tuesday 7 March 2023

Boat platform preparation work - week ending - 4th March 2023

Wednesday 1st March saw a larger than anticipated squad meet at Boat of Garten Station the task was to commence preparation work for tarring the main platform. 

I didn't expect the trench! - transpires it is for electrical ducting for S&T purposes, which Big Davy and his wee digger neatly dug.

He assisted Georgie in breaking up the existing old uneven tarmac before she loaded into spoil wagons. 

Once levels worked out, we proceeded removing benches, barrels and other platform furniture before starting to remove the concrete slabs.

Thanks to Mike, Martin (above) Michael, Roddy, Andrew and Davy (for also providing afternoon entertainment)


Ian reports - On Saturday 4th more visible progress

ducting neatly buried below

With Georgies help and the judicious use of the whacker plate, fixed by John Sinclair, the area to be tarmacced has been whackered and set to there or thereabouts.

Many thanks to Martin, Les and David for their hard work and Ian (for report & photos)