Thursday 21 April 2022

Easter Miscellaneous - April 2022

 With the Easter holidays it seems the local volunteers went away on holiday and our more far flung ones ventured North. 

Gavin hails from the Central Belt and I think is employed by Network Rail Switches & Crossing design? - hence the close supervision by Georgie! (using possibly the lightest tool we have, looks to be drilling vertically anyway)

Kevin is from Leicestershire and now retired from frontline Big Railway PWay and I am sure giving the hammer some welly! 

And I think it's Les drilling, anyway the four of them managed to finish of the iron work of the Broomhill job. Thanks to all 

Leaving myself and Reg (who is up from North Wales) to "give the ballast a tidy up" mid week. Reg did a great job on the up cess below the Mess/Toolvan as they made for awkward access, alas they were required at Aviemore only a few days later. Many thanks to Reg for the work and the kind financial donation that he seems to bless us with each time he visits -  Haste ye back!

  Mike reports "Track inspections have started, trees were cut alongside the running shed to allow a new fence to go in soon by Ian & Kevin   Also now that frosts are gone the Stone Mason is well on with rebuilding of the old Highland Railway toilet, inner walls are block to endure there is enough good stone to do the outside post HR door / window openings are to be filled in with stone & soon with a new roof it will look externally as it was 120 years ago.

Yesterday in glorious weather saw another mid week day - Mike, Andrew, Sam and Martin (working! at height!) renew User Worked Level Crossing signage at Milton 1, Drumullie & Lynchurn 1. Also the point slidechairs were given a "dab of oil" at Boat of Garten and Broomhill and a bit of tree trimming round Boat of Garten underbridge" 

as neighbouring property has done a bit of tree felling, meaning our embankment samplings likely to grow all the faster.