Sunday 31 August 2014

Re-sleepering 30th August 2014

An extra PWay date was squeezed in yesterday.
Re-sleepering in the Croftnahaven area, above 46512 approaching Croftnahaven No 2 Level Crossing with the gang eager to get back to work after an extremely long lunch break, which was spent sheltering from the heavy rain in the new incomplete hay barn in the background.
Whilst Ian takes a rest from removing the dreaded elastic spikes earlier, Bruce gets to grips with hammering them, in under the watchful eye of Mike (also resting like Ian)
Can you see some sleeper ends sticking out, there are number on this section. Georgie explained that they are 9 foot long sleepers instead of the usual 8 foot 6 inches and that the Caledonian Railway used them, which makes them possibly 100 years old!
In all eight sleepers changed, continuation of ballast tidying and fishplates tightened all the way to Broomhill.

Friday 29 August 2014

27/28th August 2014

With 46512 in the Shed for a boiler washout and our mainline Diesel Locomotives currently out of action, West Coast's class 37 came to our rescue, hauling the service trains on the 26/27th August. In the background can be seen the freshly painted North Cabin at Boat of Garten. Passing photo taken by Mike, whilst mid-week squad, were laying cable for water tank valve trace heating.

The last Publicly Timetabled DMU service of 2014? on the Dulnain extension, with the Bridge in the background yesterday. A local Blacksmith has been working on the bridge and the longitudinal timbers for fixing the track to it, hope to be delivered next week.........

Sunday 17 August 2014

Jacker Packer 17th August

Norman having fixed the major hydraulic leaks on the Jacker Packer meant that it could be brought back into productive use on the extension.

It certainly still gobbles up the ballast, as can be seen from the before and after shots from above, unfortunately the rain was very heavy today and we got soaked and even finished early!

The height of the river Dulnain recently, can be seen from the debris caught in the fence.
Glad to report to no damage that I could see.

Here's a video of the water level further upstream

Friday 8 August 2014

Mid Week MSP 7th August 2014

Yesterday a small squad did some Measured Shovel Packing (MSP) at dipped joints close to both Croftnahaven Level Crossings and in the afternoon tidying up the ballast for a number of lengths of track was completed to Georgie's satisfaction.

I had wanted a photo of the Service DMU on the extension but as we were working at Croftnahaven No 2 Level Crossing, I had no choice, only down side is you cannot see the perfectly manicured ballast below it!

Wednesday 6 August 2014

Recent Extension works

I have been away on holiday hence lack of blog posts. I believe the 12 Tonne Rail Crane was used to place the above troughs onto the bridge awaiting to get bolted into place. The Flatrol in the background is the limit that the service DMU (Diesel Multiple Unit) can go as far as, to view our work.
The authorities stipulated that the appropriate signage be erected at the five Level Crossings between the bridge and Broomhill for commencement of the DMU service (refer to Strathspey Railway website for dates/times) This has now been completed with a combination of JCB digging a hole, planting a post, concreting it in and of course our Infrastructure Director checking the plumb!

before shovelling in all the earth again.

The opportunity was taken to dredge the outflow sump of a culvert, who said we don't leave the best jobs for the new volunteer!  Welcome Fergus.