Tuesday 25 August 2015

August PWay 2015

The lack of recent PWay Blog update does not mean that nothing has been happening on the PWay, quite the contrary, just that I've been on holiday!

Re-sleepering continued on 1st of August, with a creditable 28 changed until the drill bit got blunt. The following PWay weekend Saturday -Georgie was on holiday and a large squad managed to dig out 50 plus sleepers to beyond Tullochgorum overbridge once the heavy rain stopped, above Martin Macleod left and Jim Clark "resting" for the camera.
Norman Cameron heading under Tullochgorum overbridge towards Boat of Garten on his Track Patrol from Broomhill. Thanks to John Wood for the photos. 

On the Sunday there were only two of us, so we decided to continue freshening up the concrete mileposts between Boat of Garten and Aviemore. Above Andy McClintock as 46512 speeds past (hence blurring, honest) This consisted of scraping of the old flaking paint, liberally applying the white concrete masonry paint, let us hope the paint lives up to it's 25 year guarantee!
Some easier to find than others, above is the 86 mile post, which we will definitely need to chop down the surrounding vegetation when we come to repainting the numbers black.