Sunday 17 July 2016

MSP Rail Joints Croftnahaven - 16&17th July 2016

This Weekend saw small squads, guess people are away on Holiday.
Saturday- Ben, Roger, Stuart and after fixing a door at Aviemore, Mike, did Measured Shovel Packing of Rail Joints, slewing and tidying of ballast in the vicinity of the Croftnahaven No 1 Level Crossing.
This is the second Level Crossing to be visibly named, the first, was Tullochgorum, when Andy McClintock advised me not to give up the day Job! Don't think this one is any better, so if there are any budding stencillers out there, please let me know. I intend to do the UP Side only, as they are protected from the sun and prevailing weather, also hoped to put on an Ordnance Survey grid reference but mislaid all the readings from GPS.....
  Returning from Broomhill the Sunday Diner passes "Croftnahaven No 1". Stuart and myself continued with yesterdays work, today
the ballast wedged under the baseplate, front left is for another day.......