Sunday 27 December 2015

Mezzanine floor Aviemore Engine Shed - 22nd December 2015

A good turnout on 22nd Dec of would be joiners who were there avoiding peeling brussel sprouts, stuffing turkeys or even worse shopping, substantially finished the mezzanine floor.
Ian, John, Mike & Georgie (Stuart & Fergus resting above) set up the last of the wallplates, cut & fitted all joists & dwangs & laid & screwed down all 20 mm plywood flooring.
Only some middle flooring screws to fit plus kick boards & closing off of the arch way tops with left over plywood.
The Shed lads who were most impressed at progress & wanted to start piling stuff onto the floor straight away! Another day is planned for 29th December.....
Thanks to Mike and John for photos and information. 

Friday 18 December 2015

Infrastructure Works Aviemore Engine Shed - 17th December 2015

The PWay squad are multi talented.....
Yesterday was spent sorting out the recently delivered timber, funded by the Strathspey Railway Association and then we got onto the long postponed mezzanine floor in the back of the Engine Shed at Aviemore.
Ian, Georgie, Stuart & Mike were there & our work was admired by the shed staff present (who probably came out of their Mess Room complaining what all the noise was!) 

Strathspey Railway Association Chairman on the rip saw cutting plywood flooring. His power tools were a big aid.
Wallplates were fixed, joists cut & laid out & plywood flooring started & maybe 25 % completed. The rest will be easier now that we are clear of the stair & know what we are doing!

Thanks to Mike for photos and information.

Monday 14 December 2015

Track Walking - 12th December 2015

Not a PWay Work Weekend although some PWay work must still continue - due to Festive trains running - Weekly Track Inspection of the line between Aviemore and Broomhill, a distance in excess of ten miles, when you consider sidings and loops, fortunately we split it into two Sections of roughly equal length.

Here Martin Macleod and High Viz Lennon have a well deserved rest in the Guards Van, to convey them back to Boat of Garten, having earlier walked and inspected the line from there and no doubt chased a few few rabbits (that's Lennon you understand!)

Meanwhile Mike Tough inspected the line from Boat of Garten to Broomhill, above is the re-sleepering still to take place towards the 91 mile post.
The heavy rain mentioned in my last blog, causing the River Spey to flood fields at Broomhill but no Elf & Safety worries as Mike had inspected it earlier!

Talking of Elfs, here Colin Frost being as resourceful as ever, dons his head torch when the lights inevitably failed in the BFK ( on the evening Santa Train.

Monday 7 December 2015

Re-Sleepering continues 5th & 6th December 2015

Reasonable squad on the Saturday, but due to the persistent heavy rain (forecasted), Georgie wisely decided to instead spread the accumulated waste ash from Locomotive 46512, inside the Roy Hamilton Carriage Storage Shed, forming walkways. I believe it poured rain all day and due to poor lighting, trying to get photos inside the Shed is hard on a fine, sunny day - hence none.

On the Sunday it was cool but bright, although the above rather hurried photo doesn't convey this.

Myself, Georgie and Stuart managed to drill and spike a good number of sleepers up to Tullochgorum No1 Level Crossing, we then went back, packing and tidying the ballast until darkness prevented us doing any more. The end of the re-sleepering is in sight honestly! Looking closely at the photo the 2nd white mile post is the end.