Saturday 31 January 2015

Ditch Clearing - 31st January 2015

Plan A was to make a second attempt at getting materials in position for Track relaying at Boat of Garten Headshunt today, however the weather had other ideas.

So we headed off to Lynchurn Burn, which is between Drumuillie Level Crossing and Lynchurn Number 1 Level Crossing, as the burn had been threatening to underscour the bridge and Railway embankment. Here Georgie, John and Mike are shoring up the bank with boulders.

A considerable amount of material was removed from the burn, right down to the granite stone floor, which actually extends all the way to the boundary fence, downstream at an angle. This increased the flow speed which hopefully will continually flush out any debris. The area on the left was to allow Cattle to safely pass under the Railway.
After some more vegetation clearance round the bridge, we all agreed that its a pity the passengers don't see below to appreciate the skill of the builders more than 150 years ago. 

Monday 19 January 2015

Lineside Clearance - 17&18th January 2015

As to be expected at this time of year our plans for replacing the Track in the Headshunt at Boat of Garten had to be postponed - yet again! for obvious reasons.

The PWay train was taken down to the old GNSR divergence near Croftnahaven and a considerable amount of lineside clearance was achieved on the right of photo and piled up on the old trackbed, ready for disposal by burning, once the Fire Service had been informed.

We then moved onto Lackgie Level Crossing and some trees were felled, to improve the sighting at the crossing
and more bushes removed on the other side, over the weekend the weather was cool and crisp but we were warmed up by exercise and the odd fire!


Tuesday 13 January 2015

Snow clearance of points - 13th January 2015

Todays PWay was meant to be getting materials ready for the weekend at Boat of Garten headshunt. 

Instead a lowloader eventually took away the privately owned Austerity No 60,I believe to Morpeth, a considerable amount of snow clearance from the points had to be done first.
And once they had gone it snowed rather heavily, so sourcing the said materials became difficult, so the Class 27 and Brake Van after more clearing of points, lock bars and signals departed to the River Dulnain to retrieve Wagons and our Messroom BG.
Class 27 last seen propelling Brakevan towards Broomhill and beyond.
Mike and I decided we best head home over Slochd Summit before dark.


Monday 5 January 2015

Rails on Ballintomb side - 3rd January 2015

On Saturday the largest squad this year! including a couple of welcome new faces, levelled to an approximate grade, the freshly dropped ballast and positioned 23 concrete sleepers and laid out four 30 foot temporary rails.

The loosely assembled track was left for completion by the following days squad on the Sunday.
Thanks to Ian Stanworth for info&photos.


Friday 2 January 2015

Preperation for Rails on the otherside 2nd January 2015


As only described in last entry, decking boards raised and turned, still to be cut to size and secured to bridge. Height of ballast ramp not really noticeable in this shot.

This morning Vic the Builder assisted by John, finished off the rough and ready but effective ballast retaining wall, just in time!
As between service trains, Georgie managed to relocate the Road Railer from Boat of Garten to worksite and shuttle back and fore unloading a few tons of ballast, previously stored in the above wagon.
As the Sun goes down and the temperature drops even further, job nearly done for the day.....