Monday 20 August 2018

S&T and PWay join forces briefly - 18th August 2018

  A kind offer was made for Strathspey Railway to re-house a straight Lattice Post signal (amongst other Signalling paraphernalia), which is understood to have formerly stood in Inverness Station Platform 7 until 1987 and has since that time been stored in a garden near the old station at Culloden Moor. After Robert Law from the Signalling & Telegraph Dept ("S&T") made a site visit and not an inconsidrabley vast number of emails later 
(no wonder S&T projects take so long!)

the PWay Dept were drafted in assisting to provide the muscle power to lift it onto a trailer, above Angus and Mike survey the task ahead, with Ian Stanworth and John Wood limbering up, loading their trailer with other smaller parts.
A pleased looking Robert Law and Mr Muirhead Jnr survey the load prior to departure to Boat of Garten Yard.
Meanwhile whilst half the PWay squad were enroute from brief secondment to S&T, Georgie, Peter, Fergus,  Andrew and Roger - whom we welcomed back with "Light Duties" after his wee fall a few weeks ago, were busy tidying up after the re-sleepering, fishplate shims removed, ballast shoulders reshaped, cess de weeded and scraped smooth

and all redundant parts collected up (except the sleepers), it was a hot day, but all done by 3.30pm.
Thanks to all involved and Stephen Muirhead for S&T photos/Info and likewise to John Wood for PWay (G. Sutherland photoshopping)