Wednesday 9 July 2014

Tamping & Oiling Saturday 5th July 2014

Significant progress was made on Saturday- with an excellent turnout of Volunteers.
 The morning was spent tidying up the ballast on the extension (further slewing still required)
and in the afternoon the Jacker Packer was used to further iron out the top level.
Above going through one of the five Ballast Level Crossings on the extension, meant a bit of digging out so the rail clamps can get to the rail without ballast in the way and of course we had to make the Crossing safe again immediately for our busy neighbours below. 
 Thanks to Colin and his enthusiastic friends from Aberdeen-Shire, a good mile and a third of Fishplate oiling was achieved starting from Broomhill loop. I can now report that the maintenance task of Fishplate Oiling between Aviemore and Broomhill was finally completed yesterday, except for "a few at Boat".....

Wednesday 2 July 2014

Mid week Versines & Chords 1st July 2014

With Planning Permission apparently imminent up to the A95 at Gaich, the kind offer of    "Big Railway"  expertise could not be turned down, in surveying the alignment of the proposed Track over the Dulnain on to the long straight to Gaich yesterday, unfortunately Georgie on Leave for a few days.


I didn't understand it but I think we used 10 metre chords and measured versines off them?? using the centre of an underbridge close to Ballintomb Farm as a reference point. On occasion I did manage to assist where I could, above is Chris crouching in what should be the "four-foot" in the not too distant future.

Chris and colleague measuring below what they called "The Thermilizer" but I suspect they were taking my ignorance too far!! I have to thank them for their time and effort, had I not left my wallet at home I would have bought them both a pint afterwards as It certainly was a hot day.