Monday 18 June 2018

Re-Sleepering & Scottish Woodlands - 16th June 2018

Saturday saw a good squad meet at Boat of Garten Yard, including New Volunteer Peter Muff (easily identifyable below) all then proceeded to the worksite of the last few Months to continue re-sleepering.
Good progress was made in the morning but the heavens opened in the afternoon and the squad were officially soaked through but they still managed to change and pack all the remaining 45 or 48 sleepers (dependant on who was counting!), sleepers still require to be drilled, screwed up and back filled.
Thanks to Georgie, Roger, Andrew, Ian and Peter who later emailed  -"Great day out on the P Way a bit wet but I would do it again." And John who took the photos and supplied the info.

Scottish Woodlands were packing up and moving there lineside clearance equipment out of Boat of Garten yard and onto the Big Railway,(Far Northline I think) We wish them well for the future
and thank them very much for the assistance they gave us during their "Training".

Thursday 14 June 2018

PWay Miscellaneous - up to14th June 2018

On the last PWay Weekend five of the Gang had a pre-booked holiday going round a number of Heritage Railways in South West England.
This left our octogenarian PWay Volunteer Andy McClintock on his lonesome, Georgie soon found him something to do! The result is above, he made such a good job of painting the "BG" that I thought it was the end product, on asking Georgie whether it was a Southern Region Green, she rolled her eyes and said "its only the undercoat" and she will shunt it over to the Station Dock so he can paint the otherside as well....

Just after taking the "BG" photo I spotted in the distance someone purportedly cleaning windows but missing the windows! Transpires it was Robert sugar soaping the woodwork, in preperation for an entire Station repaint at Boat of Garten, soon to be started by the Ellon Squad, if you fancy a bit of painting maybe contact Colin Frost....
 Mike reports - Monday 11th June saw the Weedkilling Wagon propelled by the Class 08 shunter over the entire line, plus loops and sidings in very suitable weather. Seen here on approach to our Dulnain Bridge, Martin on wagon who assisted Mike spraying. Georgie who was the Signaller and Steve who was the Driver. Thanks to all.
The bit the train couldn't safely reach yet......