Tuesday 4 April 2017

Morley's Mansion Boat of Garten - 1st April 2017

Plan A for last weekend was to use the Jacker Packer but the drive motor seems to have packed in, so plan B swung into operation, 24 Mainline condemned concrete sleepers were recovered from undergrowth by Boat of Garten North yard & 8 x 60 foot rails lengths loaded on to a Flatrol in Boat of Garten main yard.

The Class 31 was able to assist in between service trains. The aim of all this is to make a start on putting rails into the late John "Morley's Mansion" below

So in the short term, the Jacker Packer can be fixed and stored undercover with its own wee test track! (guessing here)

In the past The Highlands and Islands Fire Brigade had rented the left side of the shed, for their small Fire Appliance and it was partitioned off, which was swiftly removed by the above Motley Gang.
The level of the dirt on the right was to be lowered by 330mm to accommodate the track. By 5.30pm on Sunday I believe 24 sleepers laid and four rails put in.
Thanks go to John Wood (for info and photos) Ian Stanworth, Roger Snowdon, Fergus, Georgie McNair and Andrews McClintock & MacCracken, special mention must again be made of Jim Clark for getting an emergency call to fix 7 plumbing leaks at Boat of Garten Station, when he only came to lay some track!