Saturday 31 October 2020

Aviemore Turntable - 31st October 2020

Today's task was to rectify a bit of a safety concern, some of the wooden decking boards on the Turntable at Aviemore had become life expired sometime ago and had been removed as below

which at least made the danger obvious. As it was not a main PWay Weekend few brave (daft) souls turned up to endure the forecasted stormy weather - John and Roger set to removing some more suspect rotten wood, whilst Ian and me loaded up the flatrol with more than enough planks

which Keith Holyland kindly propelled up to the worksite for us, using the class 08 shunter.

Progress was swift using an array of John and Ian's modern tools and yes the weather was horrible! Octogenarian Roger measures up, Ian ready with saw and John on deck - Lunch was had soon after and on resumption the sun appeared.  

 A sensible improvement was made - by inserting off cuts at right angles roughly in the middle of the spans, to stiffen up the noticeable flexing of the wood - hopefully the more rotund Traincrew will now feel a bit safer! 

46512 passes the worksite, tomorrow is its last day in traffic prior to overhaul, speaking of which looks like we will need to get Andrew McCracken back on the case to repaint the turntable again! - rust beginning to show, no doubt he will say his warranty has expired!

Thanks to all involved and let's hope its landing on the Engine Shed Office is a good omen for the future. Photo by John Wood. 

Sunday 18 October 2020

Aviemore footbridge & Re-Sleepering - 16/17th October 2020

Friday saw our 12 tonne Rail Crane in action, lifting the old dilapidating Great North of Scotland footbridge, originally from Longmorn (as below photo shows) courtesy of Douglas Gray/ Graham Maxtone Collection

Longmorn looking to Coleburn 1971

 It linked the island platform at our old Speyside Station from about 1978 until 1998, when we moved into the current refurbished mainline station.

Mike reports it was lifted in three sections, largest above, a suitable new home is being looked at but unlikely on the Strathspey Railway.

On Saturday PWay squad commenced digging out of the sleepers (130 in total) that Georgie had justifiably marked, if below is anything to go by!

Between the turntable and the headshunt at the other end of the yard.

I can see Graeme is having fun!

Helped by John,(Graeme smiling again), Angus, Ian, Andrew and Mike took the photo under the hopeful rainbow from the turntable.

Despite the usual passing traffic giving the guys a break, a very creditable 68 sleepers were dug out.

And some more unusual yard movements were more than welcome!
More running can be seen of this locomotive in the Whisky Shunters link.
Thanks to all for the backbreaking work and John for most of photos and video clip.

Friday 2 October 2020

Re-sleepering Aviemore Mainline Link - 19th/20th September 2020

Small but productive squad eventually got going, as the tools had to be conveyed to the worksite via Georgie's truck from Aviemore Shed.

Iain screws down one of the secondhand sleepers sourced from Doncaster, I think. Roger on the drill with Peter poised to move the generator.

The Network Rail Boundary plate in the four foot (between the rails) initially couldn't be found but it had been buried with spoil from the last dug out sleeper, we have responsibility for the joint just beyond where the old gates used to be.

The dull humid overcast weather soon gave way to hot sun, which hampered our energy levels but still enough to wave at a friendly passing mainline driver.

Thanks to all that attended.

The first train over the refurbished line almost a week later, was a private charter that stabled overnight in the platform, seen here propelling out onto the mainline and thereafter enroute to Kyle of Lochalsh. 

Mike who took the above photos noticed the very neat shoulder and level cess, with only the dead sleepers to remove. I suspect Georgie's work with obviously able assistance from Kevin on Sunday 20th?