Monday, 19 April 2021

Aviemore & Level Crossing prep work - 17th & 19th April 2021

 Saturday saw a great turnout again at Aviemore (13 in total), in bright sunny weather equaled two squads - Mike's was a never ending continuation of re-sleepering on the Mainline from old Speyside platform almost to platform at Aviemore.

Digging out, remove screws, jack up track, pull old sleeper away, dig out sleeper bed, insert new sleeper repeat! 

After lunch Fergus (our muscleman!) had to depart, enthusiasm and energy were waning and we all came to the realisation, none of us are getting any younger but fortunately the Carriage & Wagon department had a bit of a shunt to do - meaning we had many breaks thereafter!

Think only seven left to change - drilling not possible as Georgie's squad had the drill!

Her squad continuing with track building, (although it seems plenty chatting too!)


towards the proposed new Running Shed at Aviemore, the fine lining was done by bars and, no doubt also huffing and puffing. 

Bart (left) and Justin our newest recruits (conscripts!) still smiling at the end of the day after getting the old switch lever fit for use again, with a less young 828 being readied for a filming charter later in week.

Thanks to all that attended (too numerous to mention) and Roddy for the smaller photos.


   Monday morning saw Roddy and me oil the switches at Aviemore and Plumber Jim fix radiators in Spey Lodge and in the afternoon, the three of us

 after getting the appropriate Token to take Possession of Boat of Garten - Broomhill Section, we put the motorised trolley on track to plant more sighting posts at the appropriate distances from User Worked Level Crossings - as successfully measured by Jim above (much easier/quicker/more accurate than walking with measuring wheel!) to be continued another day......  

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