Sunday, 4 July 2021

Aviemore North siding complete (for time being) - 3rd July 2021

Friday morning saw only two responses to the usual weekend PWay call to arms but by afternoon numbers had more than doubled, fortunately Georgie was updated that evening. 

and she finally got the new "North" siding packed, slewed (again) and tidied to her satisfaction, thanks to the above - Sam, Fergus and Iain in four foot, Roger left and Michael right & Mike who took photo and assisted. The long term intension is for it to be extended right up to the coal bench, unfortunately the old redundant Aviemore Speyside Station footbridge and signal cabin are in the way!

And looking towards Aviemore Shed, number "one road" will be reconnected by a switch off "two road" roughly where the rail jack is in the above photo, I guess next year, as we are falling behind on track maintenance work.

Of recent Mike as been assisting Ellon squad with roof work on Boat of Garten North Signal Cabin (more info ) whilst there he took this almost drone like view looking North towards our PWay Depot - "Morley's" 

Steady progress has been made on fitting hand railings on underbridges by John and Ian, the Down side still to be done and location will then be revealed.

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