Tuesday 19 September 2023

Kinchurdy ballast, visiting loco and second weedkilling - 16th/19th September 2023

Saturday saw Fergus, Peter, Iain and Michael meet up at a rather busy Boat of Garten due to the Steam Gala. Once Georgie was finally located, she dispatched them to "tidy up a bit of ballast boys"!

Yes you've guessed where - Kinchurdy half mile straight, Iain reports that he found it knackering but plenty trains passing meant plenty breaks! Thanks to him for photo and it looks pretty good to me, well done.

Later John having completed his track inspection captured Georgie giving more instructions, this time to the driver of the other visiting steam locomotive, which was on freight demonstration runs also at Boat of Garten as part of the Gala. Thanks to all that attended.


Tuesday day after the planned day due to the forecasted heavy rain, Mike reports - "Very non-eventful weed killing day with kind weather and only a few nozzle chokes.

 Entire mainline and the loops done from Network Rail boundary Aviemore to near the river Dulnain where the bridge got load tested by some full spoil wagons (from our own HS2 site at Aviemore AKA new Running Shed) which were shoved ahead from North of Broomhill.

Georgie drove the class 08 locomotive with Michael on the starboard spraying arm, Mike in the middle and John Sinclair to port in case of any pump/generator breakdowns (none for once!). All complete by 3pm which was almost the starting time back in June"



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