Thursday 4 January 2024

Slewing and more slewing Kinchurdy and a late Christmas present? - Dec 23 + 03 Jan 2024

Sometime ago now - 9th December 2023

 - Georgie says to us "a bit of slewing boys", she gave Fergus detailed instruction on how to operate the slewing jack as he had never had the pleasure before (above) and I was on the lifting jack, with Georgie sighting. Process was - I put jacking pole on railhead slowly walking towards Georgie until indicated to stop with direction of slew, I jack up track vertically, Fergus digs a perfectly angled hole in ballast below opposite rail and heaves the slewing jack under it and starts pumping the handle to hydraulically slew the track horizontally, once in desired location as indicated by Georgie, I drop my jack and Fergus then releases his - repeat whole process many times, carrying above equipment up and down the line is somewhat tiring especially the slewing jack as it is bloody heavy!    

The following Weekend Fergus made sure Mr Stanworth became the "expert" on the slewing jack! Although the main task was I believe Measured Shovel Packing at the strap rails near Kinchurdy Cottages. Mike and Richard were tasked with attempting to fix a significant leak on the Boat of Garten water tower, a temporary repair was achieved. As ever thanks to all attending.
Yesterday John sent these photos of a switch and crossing being delivered to Boat of Garten yard. 

Apparently not acquired from the abandoned High Speed 2 but Leven....


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