Tuesday, 30 March 2021

Aviemore & Boat PWay - 20&27 March 2021

 Another big squad, which Georgie split up Saturday past but alas some had to go to the virtual Strathspey Railway Association AGM for most of the morning. 

The masked young PWayer came back for more - despite nursing muscles he didn't know he had after the previous Saturday, overseen by Roger. The maintenance of this crossing finally completed after lunch.

Angus and Mike were detailed to plug all the old visible drill holes in all the renewed sleepers, with wooden plugs hammered in. Georgie had previously levelled new trackbed with JCB, then measured and marked up and then used the Colmar Road Rail Machine to lay all the above.

  The main squad of John, Martin, Ian, Kevin and Andrew set about re-sleepering Road 3, with a lot of digging required due to spacing constraints. In total seven were replaced enabling the removal of the "temporary" tie bars, which had become rather rusty! 


The following Saturday (not a PWay one) John and Ian were down early to check for birds nests on a Scots Pine that Georgie wanted out of the way (she apparently has plans for the area) with none being found.

  John carefully planned the fell, as it was not a small tree and the new Morley's Shed was within reach.


Ian and John quickly de-limbed and segmented, as we struggled to incinerate quickly enough, (Angus in the thick of it) after phoning what used to be called the Fire Brigade - as copious amounts of smoke emanating for Morley's might be a bit unsettling for Boat of Garten residents!   

Mike had asked John to use his pole saw to try and cut back encroaching branches round Boat North Signal Cabin, as scaffolding is planned so that the Ellon Squad can repair and repaint the large structure, hoped to commence in May, progress will be viewed on S&T Blog - https://signallingstrathspey.blogspot.com/?m=1/

 Meanwhile Kevin had single handedly barrowed all the segments round to near the gate (close to his car which was similarly well laden!)

"Stoker MacPhail" borrowed one of John's many gadgets (leaf blower) to try speed up the going home process, just visible in the background is the curved edge of the old turntable pit.

 After many, many buckets of water it was extinguished, concluding another successful day.
Many thanks to - John, Ian, Roddy, Martin, Kevin and Angus  

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