Thursday, 30 December 2021

Maintenance at Boat of Garten - 29th December 2021

Yesterday saw an extra midweek day squeezed in, enroute by car it was a balmy 3 degrees Celsius at Slochd Summit but on arrival at Boat of Garten it was a chilly minus 5!

Ground too frozen to complete the planned re-sleepering, so Georgie got us to re-ferrule and renew the screws, where the old wooden ferrules had disintegrated. Above Peter tries the proper tool - waste of time!

The forecasted rain came suddenly through the bright sunlight

and instantly froze, coating rails, chairs and sleepers with a treacherous coating of ice.

The North end of the Up Loop was completed, flattening in the process all the re-chargeable batteries of the wrench, so Georgie and Mike got the petrol Bance into action, to screw down. Bob showing Peter the preferred ferrule removal tool - the handle of the sleeper nips, although both promise a more modern power tool solution would be better....
 Ian and his daughter were on lineside clearance duties - reclaiming from the undergrowth the buffer stop of the headshunt and Plumber Jim was checking for frozen pipes and burying the exposed pipe at end of Dock (photo in earlier blog)

Thanks to all that attended.

 And to finish off 2021 a short clip from Peter - a pity a few of the orange Army got in the way but without our monumental efforts over the year, scenes like this would eventually become a thing of the past.

Wish you all the Best for 2022


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