Sunday, 19 December 2021

Boat Station Re-sleepering continues - December 2021


Saturday 4th December saw the visitation of a ScotRail/Branchline Society Charity Railtour from Edinburgh.

The headboard was eventually allowed to be fitted at our old Speyside platform

and terminated at Boat of Garten Up platform. Fortuitously there was a large P'Way squad to clear snow/salt platforms and similar at Broomhill as our steam Festive service was also running. As our intended worksite was somewhat occupied, another tranche of sleepers were pre-drilled in the yard, close to the warmth of the messvan!

A mid-week day saw a small squad, level off the recently dropped ash to form a cess near Broomhill, above the before photo, too dark by time we finished, likely to be at this site again soon enough.

I think last weekend a lot of digging out of sleeper beds was achieved as well as slewing, and yesterday in cool damp conditions the Up platform line was re-sleepered.

Leaving approximately only ten on the Down line to change, as can be seen the stonemason continues to improve the platforms, weather permitting. We welcomed a new member of the gang that Kevin conscripted - Iain.
Thanks to all that attended during the Month too numerous to mention and wish everyone a Merry and Safe Christmas.


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